Welcome to Footyemail.

At this service you can purchase an email address that tells the world who you support!

Your friends will find it an easy address to remember, and it is a fun way to add a sporting flavour to your email, stationary or buisness card.

Examples include:

(email is NOT case sensitive so it doesnt matter if your name is written in large or small case)

The service is an email redirectioin service, so you must have an existing email address. (If you dont have one you can get one at All your email is automatically forwarded to your existing email address. If you change internet service providers you simply notify Footyemail of your new email address and your Footyemail address will redirect to the new address.

The cost of the service is Australian$25 per year
(This is less than $US 20 per year).

You can try the service free for 1 month.

The adresses available are:

To apply send an email or fax with the following details

1.Your Name
2.Your current email address eg
3.Your preferred footyamail address eg
4.Your credit card number and expiry date (VISA or Mastercard)
5.A request to have your card debited by $25 Australian (per name ordered)

(If you want the 1 month free trial mention this, and pay nothing)
Fax is Australia 03 9569 3399
International +613 9569 3399

This service and the email names it provides does not represent any particular code of sport, nor any particular sports competition or any particular sporting club.
Whielst every effort is taken to provide a quality service , Footyemail and its personel can accept no liability for email information which is lost or misdirected. Nor are we liable for any other costs you may incur consequent to the use of our service. We undertake not to pass your email address to any third party , or tho use it in any way unrelated to the service we are providing to you.